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Brenda and her team at Reach For Success HAVE LITERALLY CHANGED MY DAUGHTER’S LIFE (and ours)!!!!!!!
Our daughter had always struggled with understanding spoken language and following conversations due to the lack of a strong working memory and other core issues. Every one of her primitive reflexes were not integrated leaving long brain pathways which made learning laborious for her. In addition, she read at a 2nd grade level and couldn’t grasp her Math facts at the age of 12. Within 2 months at Reach For Success, she could understand conversations on a very basic level, and after 7 months, was participating in small group discussions. After 11 months and many different programs at Reach For Success, our daughter has relearned how to decode words, make “movies” of what she reads and memorize her Math facts. Today, she is getting closer to her grade level every month and now loves to read. She is also doing a lot of writing and speaks more clearly. It was as if she was “stuck” inside her brain and now her whole person is being revealed through her spoken words and her creative writing. We are learning more about our daughter every day and she continues to improve.I found every member of Brenda’s staff to be focused, professional, patient and very supportive of our daughter as she progressed through all of the programs. I cannot thank the team enough! We had tried many isolated programs in the past and have spent thousands of dollars before discovering Reach For Success. Brenda and her team have access to many different programs from which they draw and Brenda keeps her “ear to the ground” for new programs that arise that could be of help to her students. They do not have one specific program into which every student is plugged but rather each program(s) are selected for each student according to their needs. We thank the Lord often for Brenda and her brain trainers at Reach For Success!
Sue Allison, Sanger, TX


I wanted to thank you for your commitment to the students at Reach for Success. RFS has changed Caden’s life! Before coming to you, he was quiet, angry and had no confidence. I noticed within the first few months his self-confidence was soaring! He has never been treated “different” by anyone at RFS. Quite the opposite, always cared for, nurtured and most importantly spoken to with an attitude that HE CAN DO IT!! He absolutely loves his teacher, Ms. Beth (in fact, I think he has a little crush on her!) She is always so encouraging and talks so proudly about how much he is accomplishing. Learning to read and recognizing his letters has always been his biggest challenge and the main reason we came for help but after working with Ms. Beth for several months, I realized he was becoming a better basketball player and his coordination had greatly improved. Also, just recently we were making a thank-you card for one of our grandparents and normally he would ask me to sign his name but when his brothers brought it to him he excitedly grabbed it and signed his name. It was the first time ever that he has signed his name correctly (first letter with capital and rest lower case). He has always signed his name mixing up capitals and lower case. It was so fun to see him write his name but more importantly he had the confidence to do it! We have noticed he talks 100% more not just to family but communicates so much better with adults and other kids. Thank you again for all your hard work, dedication and passion for all the students at Reach for Success! You are truly using your gifts to make a difference!
Meredith Hurd


I just had H’s school conference and his teachers are VERY pleased with his cursive handwriting.  They can’t read his print and have told him that any work not done in cursive is incomplete.  They showed me his notebook and it looked great!  Thanks!!
H’s Mother


We have been VERY impressed with your program.  T has made some HUGE gains over the summer.  For many parents, by the time we reach you, we have evolved into “non-believers,” so for us, “seeing is believing,” which is exactly what occurred for us — we SAW her progress right before our eyes and cannot begin to express our sincere appreciation for all the hard work you and your team put in to change T’s path of inability to learn in the mainstream setting by remediating her deficits that were blocking her from achieving!  Awesome job, and we do feel truly blessed to have found your organization, and you can count on me to BLAB it to the world — lol.
T’s mother


I am so excited – A was accepted to Graduate School at Texas Tech today.  WHOOPEE!!!!!
A’s Family


Thank you so much for the update.  I can see the progress in S, and she has definitely come a long way since her first visit with you!  Thank you!!!  She does seem to comprehend more, and her social skills have improved.  She is communicating in a more mature way, and I agree she is very determined, as well as more agreeable!  She works quite a bit in the mornings on her vision, writing and reading before she goes to class.  I have noticed she is much calmer and does not get upset as quickly, nor is she quite as sensitive as she was. I think she was very flattered you talked with her about possibly needing her help this summer, so even though it doesn’t sound like you will need her, it was affirming to her that you considered her.
A’s Family


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